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Frequently Called Numbers

For general information, or for service inquiries, please use the information below.

Report common issues such as potholes, garbage collection, slippery condition, flooding and more on our Service London Portal. 

Service London Portal

Building Division - Artitectural/structural review; building permits

Tel: 519-661-4555

Bylaws - Untidy properties, noise complaints, enforcement

Tel: 519-661-4660

Councillors Office - General inquiries

Tel: 519 661-5095

Elections Office

Tel:  519-661-4535

Fire – Non Emergency, Backyard fires, open air burning

Tel: 519-661-4565

Tel: After Hours: 519-661-5615

Flooding - basement flooding, road flooding, yard flooding, sewer issues

Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30

Tel:  519-661-4570

After Hours for urgent matters:  519-661-4965

Forestry calls for City trees along streets

Tel: 519-661-5783

Garbage, Recycling - General inquiries

Tel: 519-661-4570

Report Graffiti 

Tel: 519-661-4570

Licences - Business / taxi & limo /rental unit licences

Tel: 519-930-3515

Ontario Works - General inquiries

Ontario Works - General inquiries

Tel: 519-661-4520

Ontario Works - Rescheduling Verification Appointments

Tel: 519-661-4807

Parks maintenance and forestry issues within City parks

The public can identify maintenance issues that need to be addressed such as safety issues, debris blocking pedestrian/cycling pathways and litter.

Tel: 519-661-4570

After Hours for urgent matters:  519-661-4965

Parking regulations, enforcement, illegally parked vehicles

Tel: 519-661-4537

After Hours: 519-661-4965

Planning - General inquiries

Tel: 519-661-4980

Provincial Offences - Court Administration

Tel:  519-661-1882

Recreation Programs/Spectrum - Recreation and Parks

General inquiries; Spectrum recreation program inquiries; registrations for recreation classes/courses; community centres & recreational facility rentals

Tel: 519-661-5575

Roads and sidewalk maintenance and construction

Potholes and other road hazards, road construction, construction maintenance, road and sidewalk repairs, sign maintenance, snow removal, street sweeping & flushing; parks maintenance, catch basins & culverts, storm water management

Tel: 519-661-4570

After Hours for urgent matters:  519-661-4965

Snow clearing

The City has standards for snow clearing and asks the public to refrain from calling until after snow clearing operations has been able to reasonably complete the necessary work.

Tel: 519-661-4570

After Hours for urgent matters:  519-661-4965


Property, commercial, industrial & multi-residential; inquiries and pre-authorized tax payments

Tel: 519-661-4540

Water – Operations/Engineering

Report an urgent/emergency water problem such as no water, a main break or a water meter leak.

Tel: 519-661-4739

For water billing inquiries, please contact London Hydro’s Customer Service at 519-661-5503

For non-urgent and general water inquiries, please email

Zoning - General inquiries

Tel: 519-930-3510  



Last modified:Thursday, December 03, 2020