Gore Road and Hamilton Road Intersection Improvements Environmental Assessment


Hamilton Road and Gore Road is a busy intersection. Due to London's growth, there is a need to accommodate the increasing amount of traffic by improving this intersection and addressing the mobility concerns of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The City is undertaking an environmental assessment to determine possible alternatives that will make this intersection safer.

During this study, the project team will evaluate alternatives, select the preferred alternative, and assess the environmental impacts and potential mitigation measures.

Options that are being explored include, but are not limited to:

  • installing traffic signals at the existing intersection
  • realigning Hamilton and Gore roads and implementing traffic signals
  • realigning the aforementioned roads and implementing a roundabout

Current status

The project team has sent a notice of commencement to residents, business owners, interested stakeholders and First Nations notifying them of the Environmental Assessment’s start.

A Public Information Centre is planned for Spring 2021.

Study area

This figure illustrates the limits of the study area at the intersection of Hamilton Road and Gore Road, with Highbury Avenue identified to the west and Clarke Road identified to the east to reference the location. For more information, please contact Paul Yanchuk at pyanchuk@london.ca or by calling 519-661-2489 Ext.2563

Project Timeline

December 2020: Project team has sent out a Notice of Commencement

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners, interested stakeholders and First Nations to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start.

Spring 2021: Public Information Centre

The project team will hold a Public Information Centre where they will present some of the alternative solutions that are being explored for this intersection. During this meeting, interested parties can provide feedback on the EA and ask any questions to the project team

The input provided will be critical to shaping the final recommendations of the Environmental Study Report.

Last modified:Thursday, January 28, 2021