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LMLIP Anti-Racism Statement

The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) issued an anti-racism statement:



Capacity and Inventory Reports

The primary goals of the LMLIP are to strengthen the capacity of the community in serving and integrating immigrants, and to enhance delivery of integration services to all immigrants. For the 2016 report, an online survey was adapted from previous surveys used by the LMLIP to develop profiles of organizations in the community and the services they provide, their relationships with other organizations, future planning, and evaluation of outcomes. The survey also assessed perceptions of the LMLIP. 

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Welcoming All Voices

Welcoming All Voices is a resource that supports parent leaders to build inclusive parent involvement and engagement with their children’s education. The resource provides ideas and strategies to support parent groups to be welcoming and inclusive with all parents, and focuses on welcoming immigrant parents. The content is designed to stimulate discussion and presents practical strategies and skills, and the activities were designed so that parents can choose which activities are best for their schools. “We expect this will be a useful resource to parent leaders in the school community in their work with all parents” says Huda Hussein, project coordinator of the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership.

The Welcoming All Voices resource binder and DVD were developed by a collaboration of parents, teachers, and community partners and has been delivered to schools in early September. There are two copies, one for the school and one for the school-based parent group, for every publicly funded school in London, St.Thomas and Oxford county. Please contact the LMLIP for a copy.




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