Children and Youth Education

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Schooling for youth in Ontario is divided into Grades based on the child’s age. School is free to attend until graduation from secondary school at 18 years old.   Elementary schools (sometimes referred as primary or grade schools) are for students aged 4 to 13 years old, which includes kindergarten to grade 8.   Secondary schools (also called high schools) are for students aged 14 to 18 years old, which includes grade 9 to grade 12. Some high schools have specialized programs. Based on your child’s interests, you may be able to choose a high school within the Specialist High Skills Majors program.

A school board is a collection of schools in a specific area and/or a group of a specific type of schools. School boards are further divided into public (all children regardless of background) and Catholic (for students who identify as following the Catholic religion). 

Each school board offers schools at both the elementary and secondary level. Typically, students will attend whichever school is closest to their home, but may choose a different school depending on their academic preferences or interests

English Public School

Thames Valley District School Board Education in English available to students attending or planning to attend elementary and secondary schools. French Immersion programs are also available. Adult education and English as a Second Language programs are offered as well.

One World Thames Valley International Welcome Centre This organization helps students new to Canada with language testing and introduces them to the City of London. They can provide resources to help children and youth settle into life in their new home.

English Language Learners Programs This program offers English language and literacy development options, which help new or less experienced speakers gain education and confidence. English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Literacy Development (ELD) teachers work with elementary students in their classrooms and on an individual basis to develop programs that work with the child’s specific needs and experience. In secondary school, ESL/ELD Programs are available to students after their initial language assessment at:

  • HB Beal Secondary School, London
  • Montcalm Secondary School, London
  • Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School, London
  • Westminster Secondary School, London

French Public School

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde Education in French first language programs are available to students in both elementary and secondary schools. Their website has a French for newcomers section that explains how their system works and how it differs from a French Immersion program at English-speaking schools. All subjects except English and Spanish are taught entirely in French, and all extra-curricular activities and after school programs are provided in French only as well.

English Catholic School

London District Catholic District School Board Catholic school board offers education to elementary and secondary students in English. French Immersion is also available. Students are required to take religion courses. In addition, Adult education and English as a Second Language programs are offered. Learn more about Catholic education here.

French Catholic School

Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence Education in French first language for elementary and secondary students. Students are required to take religion courses.

Garderie Francophone London French Day Care Centre Child care programs for toddlers and preschool aged children in a French-speaking environment.

Arts Schools

Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts Pearson offers an enriched Arts program in dance, drama, visual arts and music in addition to the complete academic curriculum offered in all our elementary schools. Students are able to audition in grade 3 to be accepted at Pearson beginning in grade 4. Pearson also offers a summer arts camp for a fee.

H. B. Beal Secondary School Known across the country for its specialization and excellence in the Arts, Beal is a particularly great school for youth who are arts or musical theatre focused. Students from Beal have been handpicked by arts organizations around the world for fine art, theatre, and dance. Arts programs at Beal are portfolio and/or audition-based, there is no guarantee that student applicants will be accepted. Their grade 12 program can extend into a two-year post-graduate program that immerses students in various fine arts disciplines, and can act as a bridging program to university art programs and/or professional practice in the arts. Learn more about the BealArt program.

Private Education and Cultural Schools

For private schools, please visit Information London under the Education tab to view the private schools listings.

London, ON is a diverse city filled with a variety of cultures and language-speakers from all over the world. Typically outside of regular day schools for children and youth, cultural schools offer additional education after school and/or on weekends. 

You can view the list of London’s cultural schools here.

Supports for Newcomer Children and Youth 

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) SWIS is provided by a number of Settlement Service Agencies.  This service assists newcomers and their families with support and information on common settlement needs, including learning English and finding a job. They can also help students connect with their community. 

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