Job Opportunities in London, Ontario

Work in London Ontario

London is a welcoming city for job seekers with international professional backgrounds. There are a wide range of services and bridge training programs available to help internationally trained and skilled newcomers to access the local job market.


Resources to help job seekers find employment

Local Job Fairs

Various organizations in London offer job fairs throughout the year. Search for upcoming job fairs on London’s EventBrite website to find opportunities and register for events. London and Area Works commonly hosts job fairs with a variety of local employers and job staffing groups.

Online Job Search Tools and Websites

Use the Workforce Planning and Development Board job listing or job search tool to search London's job opportunities on a specialized city map that includes bus routes, employment support service locations, child care centres, and more. This map is a great tool to see services available near your new home, as well as find job opportunities near you. 

The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is the lead economic development agency for London, Canada. LEDC works with business, government and community partners to attract business investment, develop a connected and supportive business climate and grow London's talented workforce. 

The LEDC Board offers a list of job boards and staffing agencies commonly used by local job seekers.

The LEDC has the following job portals to assist jobseekers in discovering technology and manufacturing-related positions: 

  • London Tech Jobs: The London Region’s Digital Creative and Information Technology sectors are thriving and have many open job opportunities within the digital media, financial technology, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, software, information and communication technology fields. gives you access to employers and their job postings in the city of London, Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties and the region. 
  • London Manufacturing Jobs: The London Region's manufacturing and food processing sectors are thriving and have many open job opportunities within the advanced materials, building materials, water and environment, industry 4.0, cannabis, food processing, and industrial internet of things (IIoT) fields. gives you access to employers and their job postings in the City of London, Middlesex, Oxford, and Elgin counties, and the region.

Use the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board to explore career paths, view regional job listings, and see labour market information. 

Search the Government of Canada Job Bank for thousands of jobs across Canada, with the ability to filter and refine your search results based on location, job title, necessary education and/or training, salary, and more. Or create a Job Match account to make a customized profile for yourself, which can connect you with employers looking for your specific talents and expertise.

Find more jobs in London on Jooble.


Internship opportunities and resources

Internships are career-development opportunities that are usually unpaid. The advantage of these opportunities is that they help you get valuable experience and build connections in the community.

Opportunities for Newcomers

Internships for newcomers offered by the City of London Under the City of London’s Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan, the City offers two types of paid internships: one focused on new immigrants, foreign trained professionals, persons with disabilities and recent post-secondary graduates; and a second internship exclusively for international student graduates.. Meaningful work assignments and formal feedback ensure that you are able to grow your skills, build your portfolio, and come away with solid references. These positions are hosted across the organization and are a great way to give you a competitive edge to jump start your career. 

Opportunities for Anyone

Career Edge connects job seekers with paid internships at top employers in Canada, secure employment opportunities, and resources to launch meaningful careers. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a person with a disability, or a skilled newcomer to Canada, get valuable Canadian experience that matches your education, skill set, and career choice.


Volunteering opportunities and resources

While looking for a job, you may also consider volunteering as it offers the opportunity to start your professional network by connecting with different people, obtaining local employment related experience, and finding potential references.

In London, some employers will hire volunteers for a paid job position after completion of their placement. An important characteristic of the London economy is building our workforce locally and helping each other succeed. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with:

Pillar Nonprofit Network features over 600 non-profit organizations sharing knowledge and building relationships towards positive social change. You can search through recent volunteer positions in the Opportunities section of the site.

IMMPLOY Mentorship programs connect immigrant job seekers with regional business leaders through occupation and industry specific networking and events. Contact one of their Community Partners for a referral.

Volunteer Work Placement Program by WIL Employment Connections

After completion of the WIL employment preparation workshops, participants are eligible for an 8-week volunteering placement with a local employer. WIL can help identify volunteer opportunities with a long list of employers they have pre-existing relationships with. Although employment is not promised as a result of these placements, the skills and experience gained through the program can give you a head start towards getting a permanent job. 

Last modified:Thursday, August 25, 2022