Supports for neighbourhood events

Neighbourhood events are a fun way for neighbours to meet and build relationships with others in your neighbourhood. The City of London supports neighbourhood events that build community and promote health and well-being by offering resources to make event planning easy and your event a success. 

There are multiple steps to planning a neighbourhood party. Before starting, assemble a team, share the idea with neighbours, choose a day, time and location, create a plan for the event including budget. Keep in mind street closure protocols, food handling inspections, inclusivity and safety for all.

Neighbourhood Event Application Form

Booking your neighbourhood event

The Neighbourhood Event Booking Process is an easy way for neighbourhood groups to organize events in neighbourhood parks. 

Neighbourhood Events are smaller than Special Events and must fit the following criteria:

  • Participants made up of neighbours
  • Volunteer-run
  • Located in your neighbourhood park
  • Fewer than 300 people in attendance
  • Small budget or low cost
  • Not-for-profit and non-fundraising
  • Free to attend
  • Resources to help you plan your event

There are multiple steps to planning a neighbourhood party. Before starting, assemble a team, share the idea with neighbours, choose a day, time and location, create a plan for the event including budget. Keep in mind street closure protocols, food handling inspections, inclusivity and safety for all.

This program is for neighbourhood groups and resident-led projects.  If you are a school or business interested in participating in this program, you will have to partner with a neighbourhood or resident-led group.

Event booking process
  1. Complete the Neighbourhood Event Request Form
  2. Once the Neighbourhood Event Request Form has been completed and sent, we will contact you to confirm availability of the park and suitability of event.
  3. Prior to your event, we will follow-up to finalize the contract. Staff will provide assistance you insurance and food preparation requirements if needed.
Event insurance

A City of London Certificate of Insurance is required if your request for an event is approved. Once you receive approval, a contract will be generated with a condition that this form is completed your insurance broker indicating event coverage for $2,000,000. 

Only this form will be accepted by the City of London and it must show the same organization/individual name as on the contract. 

Food Preparation
  • It is mandatory to adhere to Provincial Regulations (O. Reg 493/17: Food Premises Regulation)if you are selling or giving away hazardous foods.
  • Hazardous foods are any foods that allow growth of pathogenic bacteria that typically require refrigeration (i.e. meats)
  • Whether the food is considered hazardous or not hazardous (for example popcorn, cookies, cake), there is ​​​​​​still a requirement to provide safe food. Speak to a public health inspector to find out what rules need to be followed. 
  • Potlucks, or any event in which majority of participants are providing food, is considered a private event. Private events, whether at home or in public spaces, do not need to adhere to the by-laws.
  • Hazardous food preparation must take place in an approved certified kitchen or on-site at the event location. Connect with your local Community Centre, Resource Centre or Family Centre to find out if they have certified kitchens
  • Community groups who wish to sell or give out food must complete a Special Events Food Vendor Form at least 14 days before the event

Food Handler Certification

If you would like to prepare and serve hazardous foods at a neighbourhood event, you must have your food handler certification. Certifications must be renewed every 5 years. 

The most affordable options to become a certified food handler are:

  • Coordinating a group session (minimum 15 people). Training provided by the Middlesex-London Health Unit.
  • Study on your own! Download the FREE safe food handling manual and take a test at the London Training Centre.

For more information on food handler certification including the cost to take the exam and coordinating a group session, visit the Middlesex-London Health Unit website.

Food Trucks

Residents interested in having food trucks at their event can request them by e-mailing the London Food Truck Association at All trucks in the London Food Truck Association are fully licensed with the City and carry their own insurance.




Neighbourhood Small Events Fund

The Neighbourhood Small Events Fund provides a one time grant of up to $500 to support neighbourhoods and assist with event expenses.

Learn more

Event equipment lending

Requests for 2022 event equipment lending will open starting in April 2022. 

We know buying, borrowing or renting event equipment can be difficult for some resident groups.  This program provides neighbourhood and resident groups event equipment free of charge. 

Groups are required to pick up and return the equipment they borrow from the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre storage facility.

Available equipment 
  • Pop-up tents (8x8 and 10x10) (5 maximum)
  • Folding tables (5 maximum)
  • Folding chairs (10 maximum)
  • Message boards (2 maximum)
  • Giant outdoor games (5 maximum)
    • Giant Dominos
    • Giant Jenga
    • Giant Chess
    • Giant Checkers
    • Giant Connect 4
    • Giant Snakes and Ladders
    • Giant Bananagrams
    • Jumbo dice
    • Beanbag toss
    • Tug of war rope
    • Play tunnels
    • Potato sack pack
    • Obstacle course kit
    • Outdoor fun and games kit
    • Multi-ring basketball net 
    • Flag football kit (4 footballs [junior or standard sizes], 20 blue belts, 20 red belts)
    • Youth pinnies (30 Red, 30 Blue)
    • Referee kit (scoreboard, 2 squeeze whistles, 2 referee pinnies)
    • Double dutch ropes (60ft)
    • Double dutch ropes (32ft)
    • Volleyball/badminton net (with adjustable court lines)
    • Badminton kit (2 cans of birdies, 10 racquets)
    • Volleyball kit (3 volleyballs, ball pump, 1 giant volleyball)
    • Soccer kit (Target Net (for nets size 24ft by 8ft), 4 junior soccer balls (size 4), 5 standard (size 5) soccer balls, ball pump, stack of pylons, 1 giant soccer ball)
    • Washer toss
Request to borrow equipment

Fill out the Neighbourhood Event Request Form to request equipment for your event.

Some restrictions apply and availability is not guaranteed. 


Neighbourhood event team

The Neighbourhood Event Team  is available for small neighbourhood and community events.  The team includes Community Connector staff, table, tent, giant games, and City of London promotional materials to engage with event-goers of all ages. 

To request the Neighbourhood Event Team for your event, fill out this form.  Availability for all events is not guaranteed. 

Neighbourhood block parties

If you're thinking of hosting a neighbourhood block party but not sure how to start planning for one, contact us for a Block Party Guide. The guide will help you complete the paperwork and make sure that everyone on your block will be included and safe.

For the purpose of accessing City resources, neighbourhood street parties are defined as:

  • Hosted & organized by residents of the street
  • Attended by neighbours
  • Fewer than 300 people attend
  • Low cost
  • Not fundraising or profit generating
  • Free to attend
  • Not intended for a city-wide audience



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