Farquharson Arena is located at 411 Tecumseh Avenue East. It is currently closed.

  • Parking at Farquharson Arena is free. This facility has washrooms available and is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Check London Public Transit for public transit locations, times and fees.
  • Call 519-661-5575 for customer service. To book a rental, call 519-661-5575 or email recreation@london.ca
Hours of operation

This arena will reopen on January 31, 2022, for select programming, drop-ins and rentals. The hours of operation may vary based on registration. For questions about programs and hours please call 519-661-5575 or email recreation@london.ca.

Registered programs

Check our  Play Your Way website to register and pay for programs that take place at Farquharson Arena. 

Cancellations and closures

Check our cancellation page to ensure your program is running as scheduled.


Amenities at this facility include: 

  • Two ice surfaces 
  • Vending machines
  • Public skating available during winter season
  • Open during the summer for ball hockey
  • Change rooms


Visit our rentals page to book a space in the Farquharson Arena. To book a rental, call 519-661-5575 or email recreation@london.ca

Last modified:Wednesday, January 26, 2022