Outdoor sporting amenities

Outdoor recreation spaces

The City of London has a number of baseball diamonds and sports fields for use.  We encourage you to use the interactive City Map to view all of the facilities, or choose a specific sports field from the alphabetical list below.  Many of the schools with the Thames Valley District School Board must be contacted directly if you wish to use their facilities.

Further information such as the cost of fields and diamonds can be found within the PDFs on this page.  Please contact customer service if you have questions or wish to book one of our facilities.  

Sports fields listing
NAME                                                                         ADDRESS                                      FEATURES                               


Admiral 284 Admiral Drive 1 diamond
Ashley Oaks 65 Elvira Drive 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
Belmont 741 Lenore Street 1 soccer field
Bonaventure Meadows 150 Vaubois Place 2 diamonds
Canterbury 99 Prince of Wales Gate 1 soccer field
Carling 675 Grosvenor Street 3 soccer fields
Chesham Heights 328 Castlegrove Boulevard 1 soccer field
Cheswick 88 Lacey Crescent 1 soccer field


1510 Commissioners Road East 2 diamonds, 2 soccer fields, and 2 football fields with lights
CNRA 325 Egerton Street 2 diamonds
Cresthaven 104 Parks Edge Crescent 1 soccer field
Dan Pulham 815 Windermere Road 1 diamond
Earl Nichols 799 Homeview Road 1 soccer field
Ed Blake 449 Barker Street 1 soccer field
Fanshawe College 1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard 1 diamond
Gainsborough Meadows 102 Brandy Lane Rd 1 Soccer Field
Glanworth 6356 Bradish Road 2 diamonds with lights
Grandview 385 Grand View Avenue 1 soccer field
Hastings 1428 Hastings Drive 2 soccer fields
Hazelden 430 Hyde Park Road 1 diamond, 1 soccer field
Heritage 150 Bexhill Drive 1 diamond, 1 soccer field
Huron Heights 185 McNay Street 1 diamond
Jaycee 1830 Aldersbrook Road 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
Jesse Davidson 731 Viscount Road 3 diamonds and 2 soccer fields
Jorgenson 1308 Normal Ave 1 Diamond, 1 Soccer Field
Kensal 150 Chelsea Avenue 2 soccer fields
Kensington 16 Fernley Avenue 1 diamond
Kiwanis East Kiwanis Park Drive 2 diamonds
Labatt Park 25 Wilson Avenue 1 diamond with lights
Lambeth Centennial 7112 Beattie Street 4 soccer fields
Lambeth Optimist 4200 Campbell St N 2 diamonds and 1 soccer field with lights
McMahen 640 Adelaide Street North 2 diamonds
Mitches 640 Upper Queen Street 1 soccer field
Mornington 800 High Holborn Street 2 diamonds
Murray 75 Cliftonvale Avenue 2 soccer field
Naiomi Almeida 828 Deveron Crescent 1 soccer field
Nelson 142 Kipling Avenue 1 diamond
Nicholas Wilson 16 Fitzroy Place 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
North London 1225 Adelaide Street North 3 diamonds, 6 soccer fields, 4 beach volleyball and a cricket pitch
Nor'West Optimist 48  Hawthorne Road 2 diamond and 1 soccer field
Oak Park 1207 Royal York Road 1 soccer field
Oakridge Optimist 825 Valetta Street 2 diamonds
Paul Haggis 2875 Bateman Trail 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
Plane Tree 214 Plane Tree Dr 2 soccer fields
Ralph Hamlyn 83 Dennis Avenue 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
Reservoir 869 Commissioners Road West 2 soccer fields
Riverbend 1585 Riverbend Road 2 soccer fields
Silverwood 50 Sycamore Street 2 soccer fields
Southeast Optimist 237 Deveron Crescent 2 diamonds
Stephens Farm 887 South Wenige Drive 1 soccer fields
Stoneybrook 815 Windermere Road 3 diamonds and 1 soccer field
Stronach 1221 Sandford Street 5 diamonds with lights
St. Julien 15 Tommy Hunter Way 1 diamond and 5 soccer fields
St. Lawrence 5 St. Lawrence Boulevard 1 soccer field
St. Stephen's 1030 Mitchell Street 1 soccer field
Talbot 3470 Settlement Trail 1 soccer field
Ted Early 1375 Clarke Road 3 soccer fields
Thistledown 996 Thistledown Way 2 diamonds
University Heights 290 Trott Drive 1 soccer field
Vauxhall 54 Price Street 5 diamonds
Virginia 225 Chambers Avenue 1 diamond and 2 soccer fields
West Lions 20 Granville Street 1 diamond and 1 soccer field with lights
Westminister Optimist 650 Osgood Drive 1 soccer field
Westmount 196 McMaster Drive 1 diamond
Westmount Lions 784 Viscount Road 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
Whisperwood 211 Whisperwood Avenue 1 diamond and 1 soccer field
Windermere 745 Windermere Road 3 soccer fields with lights
Beach volleyball and cricket pitches

The City of London has cricket pitches at the North London Athletic Field and Silverwood Park. There is currently a third pitch located at Northridge Fields that is currently under construction, and is expected to open in 2021. The new pitch at Northridge Fields will be the largest of the 3 pitches and it will include a scoreboard.  All 3 pitches are a concrete base with artificial turf over top. This surface is great for hard ball or soft ball cricket. For availability of the cricket pitch, please contact Mike Vandertuin at 519-661-2489, extension 5197 or email mvandert@london.ca.

As a legacy to the 2018 Ontario Summer Games, the City of London in partnership with the Ontario Volleyball Association have built 10 beach volleyball courts at the North London Athletic Fields. These additional courts compliment the 4 courts already at North London Athletic Fields. The Ontario Volleyball Association operates an adult program during the week and hosts weekend youth tournaments. For availability of the volleyball courts, please contact Mike Vandertuin at 519-661-2489, extension 5197 or email mvandert@london.ca.

Wet field guidelines

In the interest of maintaining high quality playing fields and in an effort to prevent injury, the City of London will enforce the following guideline and procedures when soccer fields and baseball diamonds become saturated.


The City of London recognizes the preservation and maintenance of its sports fields to the highest industry standards benefits user groups and preserves important City assets. In order to preserve these fields and to promote their use, the City is committed to protecting the fields against non-permitted or unauthorized use. The City will not allow play on fields or diamonds when there is visual ponding of water on the surface of the field/diamond and the field is saturated.

*The definition of a saturated field is one where the soil cannot absorb any additional moisture and water runs off the surface or pools on the field. The easiest method to determine if a field is saturated is to walk on the playing surface. If the water is pushed around the foot then the field is saturated.


The Supervisor of Allocations and Sport Services will ensure that all soccer and baseball groups receive the Wet Field Guideline. In the event of a potential closure the Supervisor of Allocations and Sport Services will:

  1. Contact the Manager of Parks Designate immediately when conditions warrant the closing of sports fields/diamonds due to excessive rainfall.
  2. Once a field or diamond has been deemed unplayable, the Manager of Parks Designate will contact the permit section of the Recreation Department who will inform the Permit holder by e-mail.

If the closure happens prior to 3:00 p.m.

The Recreation Department will contact the permit holders to advise them of the closure. After 3:00 p.m. the User groups are asked to follow the Wet Field Guideline

If a user group arrives at a field/diamond where there is evidence of surface water or the field/diamond is saturated as per the above definition, the user group will be asked not to play on the field/diamond by League Administrators, Game Officials and/or City staff.

In situations where City staff and/or Officials are not present, the League will ensure the Wet Field Policy is adhered to.

Several factors should be considered, including the safety of the participants, the possibility of liability through accident or injury, and the unnecessary expense of field/diamond repairs and maintenance.

If a group ignores the “UNPLAYABLE” conditions, the following consequences may occur:

i) The permit holder will be required to pay for all damages to the field/diamond arising from abuse to the facility where the permitted group is proven responsible.

ii) The permit holder will be held liable and responsible for accidents or injuries incurred because of unsafe conditions.

iii) The permit holder will have their permit suspended or revoked for any future use of a field/diamond controlled by the City of London.

Once the City of London has closed a field or diamond we will remove that booking from your seasonal contract and place a credit on the user group’s account.

If the permit holders have not utilized a field/diamond due to unplayable conditions, they must call Facility Booking by noon the following day. Where the game was scheduled for the weekend, the Permit holder must notify Facility Booking staff by noon the following Monday.


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