Report a road, sidewalk or trail issue

If you spot an issue on our roads (which includes streetlights), sidewalks or trails, help us out by reporting it. Thank you for helping us maintain a London that is clean, safe and accessible for all.

Report snow not plowed or slippery conditions

Report snow not plowed or slippery conditions

Report a pothole

City crews treat potholes as a priority and always try to have them filled within 48 hours.

When reporting a pothole, please be as specific as possible. Remember to include the following details when you notify us:

  • the name of the street
  • the nearest municipal building number
  • the name of the nearest cross-street
  • the lane location (i.e., northbound lane, turning lane, etc.)

Report a pothole

Report sod damage

If City crews damage sod on your property, we will fix it.

Please note: We make repairs to damaged sod at the end of the winter season when the spring/summer seasonal workforce arrives.

Report sod damage

Report a road or sidewalk issue
  • are there poor road conditions?
  • is there a damaged curb or gutter?
  • is street sweeping or cleaning required?
  • is there a damaged sidewalk?

Report a road or sidewalk issue

Report an issue related to a construction project
  • is there dust or debris in the area?
  • is a house or property damaged?

Report an issue about a construction project

Report a traffic concern
  • is there a traffic issue?
  • is a streetlight out or damaged?
  • is a traffic sign missing or damaged?
  • request a traffic calming measure
  • request a new streetlight or traffic measure

Report a traffic concern


Last modified:Friday, October 02, 2020