City owned trees

Our Forestry Operations team maintains all trees on City property including boulevards, parks and woodlands. 

Our staff of professional Arborists inspect and evaluate City trees regularly to ensure City trees are safe and maintained to current arboriculture standards.

Report a tree-related issue using the button below.

Reporting a tree issue

Contact our Forestry Operations team to report an emergency at or email or call 519-661-5783 and  choose option 1. You can call between 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Trees and construction

The City's Construction Design and Administration teams design road and infrastructure construction and/or replacement projects with a number of interests, including trees, in mind.   During the design phase, a Certified Arborist evaluates each tree based on its health and structure, and considers the impacts to the tree, including its roots, from the proposed construction.  Forestry Operations staff provide input and technical advice with recommendations regarding how to protect trees, and which trees cannot be protected and must be removed, however the final design and decisions remain with the Construction Design and Administration teams.  Unfortunately, sometimes trees must be removed to accommodate updates to other infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines.  When trees are removed for City Projects, they are replaced, either at the same site, or at a suitable site located close by.

The City of London has guidelines which manage how trees are protected and managed during construction activities. 

The Design Specifications and Requirements Manual can be downloaded at Select City of London from the standard list to view the multiple sections of the manual.


Last modified:Tuesday, September 14, 2021