Your water bill

Accessing your water account

The City of London and London Hydro work together to provide one monthly bill for water and hydro.

Your water account in London can be accessed at

London Hydro issues the combined bill, which avoids the duplication of meter reading, bill preparation, mailing and customer service. The efficiencies that are gained through this arrangement result in lower costs to Londoners.

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Leak allowance customer assistance program

Customers who experience a severe plumbing failure inside their homes can apply for one-time assistance for the water and wastewater charges on their bill. This program is a one-time grant and any future charges shall be paid for in full by the customer. This program does not cover costs associated with repairs, replacement or any other costs associated with the failure. Only the volumetric charges on the Water Utilities Bill during the period of the failure are eligible. Water and wastewater charges incurred as a result of irrigation, filling pools or hot tubs, car washing and/or other outdoor or discretionary water uses are not eligible for assistance.

The application and all required documentation must be submitted within two months of detecting the issue and completion of repair.

Please contact Water Customer Service at for assistance.

  • Property must be a residential property being serviced by a single water meter paying the customer assistance rate.
  • The monthly water usage during the plumbing failure is at least three times the average monthly consumption.
  • Excess usage cannot be as a result of outdoor usage or neglect of private property (ie. failing to winterize outdoor taps).
  • Proof of permanent/actual repair must be supplied.
  • A decrease in the monthly water usage was observed after the plumbing failure was repaired.
  • Applicant has never received this one-time relief before.
What does not qualify?
  • Home was vacant or premises were unattended when the plumbing failure occurred.
  • Plumbing failure occurred at an industrial, commercial or institutional property.
  • Plumbing failure occurred at a multi-residential property (ie. duplex, triplex, etc.).
  • Usage was unexplained, due to purposeful damage (ie. broken pipe due to construction) or neglect (ie. failing to keep temperature inside home at acceptable level).
  • The water utility account has been previously approved for the Customer Assistance Program.
How to apply

Contact Water Customer Service at to receive the application form and ask any questions.

City of London staff will respond to you within approximately 10 business days of your application submission. Fill out the application and submit all required documentation within two months of detecting the issue and completion of repair.

Completed application forms must include the following information:

  • Copies of receipts for supplies bought to correct the issue
  • If a licensed plumber was used, a copy of the licensed plumber's invoice
  • Photos before and after the repair (clearly showing the issue and repair)
What to expect if you are approved
  • Your average usage will be used to calculate you water bill for the months the leaks occurred.
  • A maximum of 3 months of water and wastewater usage charges only, may be credited to your water bill.
  • The repair, replacement or any other associated costs due to the failure will not be credited.

It is expected that customers who have left their homes for extended periods will take precautionary measures to prevent unnecessary water use. Closing the service valve at the meter is one way to prevent these issues, but the customer should take care to ensure the pipes in their home do not freeze and any appliances or fixtures that require water will not be affected.


Irrigation meters

Customers that have installed a dedicated irrigation meter may be eligible for an exemption of their wastewater usage charge on their water bill. Wastewater exemptions for dedicated irrigation meters are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Irrigation meter customers are required to pay the water connection charges and water usage charges, along with fire protection charges, stormwater charges, and the customer assistance programs charges (if applicable).

Customers that wish to be part of this program should be aware that there is a cost to have their irrigation meter removed at the end of the season, along with a cost to have the meter installed the following season. 

For inquiries regarding a wastewater usage exemption for irrigation meters, please email or call 519-661-2489 x 5081

Adding a water meter to a residential duplex

The City of London standards allow for one metered water service per single family building.  If the building is converted to a multi-family rental it is permitted for each residential unit to have its own metered water service.  This means that each residential unit will be billed separately by the City for water consumed each month.

There a several requirements that must be met before a new customer account can be created:

  • The building must be supplied by a water service pipe from the municipal watermain in the street to the property line that is adequately sized for the intended use of the building.  The City of London minimum water service pipe sizing is 25mm PEX.
  • Each residential unit must have a separate hot and cold water supply that can be isolated by a main valve and not interfere with the water supply of the other units.
  • The City of London allows one water service pipe from the municipal watermain to the property line with a shut off valve located 300mm from the property line on the City right-of-way.  Once the water service pipe crosses the property line it can be branched off in to two separate water services, one for each new customer.  Each branch is to have a shut off valve located at 300mm from the property line on private property.  A meter pit will have to be installed for each unit which will house the City of London water meter.  From this point the water service pipes will enter the building and be connected to the building plumbing system.
  • All permits, materials and construction are the property owner responsibility.  The City of London will install the water meters in the pits once all work has been inspected and approved.

A licensed plumber can assist you with this work.


Last modified:Monday, November 02, 2020