Windermere Road Improvements Environmental Assessment


Windermere Road from Western Road to Doon Drive is a major street that has a high amount of traffic, especially during peak hours, which leads to congestion. The lack of accessible features and active transportation infrastructure creates potentially uncomfortable conditions for all road users. Community members have also expressed concerns for the pedestrian crossings in this area.

The EA will identify the needs and balance the requirements of the full range of potential users within the community including users of all ages and abilities, pedestrians, cyclists, transit vehicles and motorists. Improvements to both the Richmond Street and Western Street intersections will also be considered as part of this environmental assessment.

This study will look at the following:

  • active transportation, intersection and transit improvements on Windermere Road between Western Road and Doon Drive
  • accessibility improvements along the corridor and intersections

This list is not exhaustive.

Current status

The project team has sent a notice of commencement to residents, business owners, interested stakeholders and First Nations notifying them of the Environmental Assessment’s start.

A Public Information Centre is planned for Spring 2021.

Study area

This is a map showing the location of the study area for the project. This area includes Windemere Road between Western Road and the west leg of Doon Drive. For more information, please contact Paul Yanchuk at or by calling 519-661-2489 Ext.2563

Project Timeline

December 2020: Project team has sent out a Notice of Commencement

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners, interested stakeholders and First Nations to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start.

Spring 2021: First Public Information Centre

The project team will hold a Public Information Centre to allow interested parties to give feedback on the EA and ask any questions. Members of the public will be invited to discuss issues related to the project, including alternatives, evaluation criteria, environmental impacts, and proposed mitigation measures with the project team.

This input will be critical to shaping the final recommendations of the Environmental Study Report.

Last modified:Tuesday, January 26, 2021